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Cointrade offers a secure platform thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology. All your information and funds will be impenetrable against any malicious attacks.


Our commissions will be the lowest on the market, while in some cases transactions will be commission-free.


The platform will have round-the-clock maintenance and is designed with millions of users per day in mind.


Cointrade has a friendly, intuitive interface, even for those with little technological or trading knowledge.


Our mission is to make the cryptocurrency community grow and ensure more and more users take up this technology. We want to achieve this by making accessing and trading cryptocurrencies as straightforward, common and secure as buying an item from Amazon.

Most current crypto exchanges are inefficient, expensive and unsafe. Cointrade is the most ambitious cryptocurrency trading project to date, allocating millions of dollars toward developing a scalable platform that can handle millions of users and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

Our professional track record is impeccable and it has allowed us to build contacts with professionals from leading technology companies such as IBM and Intel, and with powerful banks such as BBVA and Deutsche Bank.

At Cointrade we believe in talent and hard work. We are therefore committed to having the best team on our side and making technological innovation our hallmark in everything we do. This is the only way we can take blockchain technology to the next level.


Users who own CTTs can use them to pay platform commissions and thus obtain an 80% discount, which, added to the low commissions rate, will make them ridiculously low. Anybody with a minimum of 500 CTTs (this number will change according to their market value) will have premium accounts, which will have certain benefits such as:

  Higher daily and monthly deposit and withdrawal Limits.

  Preferential access to the beta and certain services.

  10% discount on all commissions (on top of the 80% if CTT is used as payment method).

  Preferential access to the service at times of high user traffic (unlikely to be used, as the platform is prepared to support very high volumes).


“Cointrade will return the confidence of cryptoexchange users.”
– The Merkle
“The design of the Cointrade exchange is geared towards mass market appeal.”
– Cryptorials
“Cointrade will attract the masses to Crypto Trading.”
– Blockonomi
“The Cointrade team understands the importance of providing adequate support services.”
– The Bitcoin News
“The Cointrade team clearly sees the imperfections of existing crypto exchanges and will create a new generation Exchange.”
– Altcoin Today


John Milla Cano

CEO and founder

With an extensive business background in the commerce and sales sector, John is the ideal person to lead a project of this size. Graduate in Business Administration and Management from the University of Alcalá.

Billy Zambrano


Billy has extensive experience in project coordination and workgroup management. His skills include ensuring all employees achieve their maximum potential. Graduate in Political Science from Universidad Complutense.

Eduardo Bazán

Head of the Finance Department

Eduardo, along with a specialized team, is in charge of Cointrade's finances and accounts. He is well qualified for the post since he holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a master's degree in Auditing and Accounting from Universidad Complutense.

Anibal Díaz

Senior Developer

With more than 10 years' experience as an analyst and software designer, Anibal is a key component in Cointrade's development and in ensuring the website runs smoothly.

Hannibal Rodríguez

Advertising Manager

Hannibal, an advertising and marketing expert, will head up all Cointrade's advertising. He is also a specialist in communications in digital environments and is passionate about technologies applied to the web.

Ana Rivera

Blockchain developer

Ana is in charge of the blockchain and solidity programming. She has over 10 years of programming experience and was introduced to blockchain technology in 2014. She is also a very skilled graphic designer.

"We are paving the way for a free, secure, efficient economy"


Most current exchanges were not created with large trading volumes in mind. This is why many are experiencing problems in offering adequate service (unstable servers, poor customer service, lack of efficiency, etc.). These problems will only increase as the cryptocurrency community continues to grow. Cointrade was born with the idea of not only satisfying a market like the current one, but also a much wider one like that which awaits us in the coming years. The high efficiency of Cointrade, together with its easy-to-use interface and fast customer service will make Cointrade the leading Exchange for new and experienced users alike.
At present our company has about 30 workers, of whom more than half are software developers, web programmers and computer security experts. We have individuals with a lot of experience in computing, who are up-to-date regarding technological innovation.
This is because they are currently carrying out tasks related to the current activity of our company (software development and sales), which is what is financing this ICO as well as the first steps of Cointrade. Most of these workers, however, have not actively participated in the ICO as they are employed in their current positions. Once the ICO is complete they will officially join the project in its entirety.
We are referring to professionals in the technology and banking sector who have worked/are currently working in these companies. In the coming months and once the funding for the project has been obtained, several of them will join the Cointrade team and others will perform advisory functions.
Yes, Cointrade will allow for Margin Trading. We’re still debating on which trading tools we’re going to implement on the exchange, but for now, we can assure you that we’ll provide:
  • ● Limit order
  • ● Market order
  • ● Stop loss
  • ● Tariling stop
  • ● Immediate or Cancel
  • ● One Cancels Other
  • ● Fill or kill
  • ● Box-top order
P Cointrades’s security will be impenetrable for hackers, and even if it were compromised, the information of our users would never end up in their hands. The same would happen with the funds, since these will for the most part be smartly kept in cold wallets. For a detailed response we recommend reading the Whitepaper.
We will do it by taking a series of measures that will make the experience for new users as pleasant as possible. Unlike other exchanges, we will present a user-friendly interface and will make it easy for new users to trade without unnecessary obstacles. We will also have a wide variety of languages available for both the platform and customer assistance.
Both Cointrade and its customer assistance will be available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Greek, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic and Turkish.
CTT is a utility token which will be used on the platform to pay for fees. Token holders will also have certain benefits which are fully detailed in the Whitepaper.
There is no fixed rate since it will depend on Ether price at the moment of transaction. The smart contract will use an oracle to keep constant track of Ethereum price and will send back the exact number of CTT that a user has purchased.
For example, in Ether price is $700.00, a transfer of 1 Ether to the smart contract address during the pre-ICO will result in the purchase of 3500 CTT (at $0.20 each). However, if Ether price had been $710.00, the user would have received 3550 CTT. This way everyone gets what they have paid for and possible swings in the market won’t have a negative impact.
The source that the smart contract will use to keep track of Ether price will be
CTT is not an asset intended for speculative or investment purposes. Its value will increase as its utility within the platform grows. However, CTT will be listed on numerous exchanges a few weeks after the ICO is complete. At that time, its price will remain in the hands of the market and sellers and buyers will be the ones deciding how much they are willing to trade them for.